First day back on the job

Spoke with one of my teammates for about 30 minutes this morning, and learned all kinds of changes and fun things.

Then I watched a meeting remotely, heard familiar and new voices, lots of, “hey, how you doing”, “welcome back”, “great to hear you”, and of course, many virtual hugs,

Not too slammed yet today. My ID will be ready around midnight. So when my shiny new equipment arrives I’m a few hours. I won’t really be able to use it. I just look at it longingly.

Mainly just wrapping my head around the different players on the team, the slightly different, OK majorly different, direction and focus, which is wonderful by the way, the team’s newish structure, the big projects we’re working on, and trying to figure out where I’m supposed to fit in with all of this.

Quite frankly, it seems like they have it all covered.

Hope they don’t figure that out soon.

Or hopefully I’m missing some (a lot?) info about what and how I’ll be able to contribute and help out. After learning all of the new toys, er, tools they keep talking about.

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